Estimated Exposures and Thyroid Doses Received by the American people from Iodine-131 in Fallout Following Nevada Atmospheric Nuclear Bomb Tests


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Executive Summary

Technical Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction (257k)
Chapter 2 History of the Nevada Test Site and Nuclear Testing Background (561k)
Chapter 3 Deposition Of Iodine-131 on the Ground (2,900k)
Chapter 4 Transfer of Iodine-131 from Deposition in the Ground to Fresh Cows’ Milk (1,600k)
Chapter 5 Cows’ Milk Production, Utilization, Distribution and Consumption (624k)
Chapter 6 Methods and Input Data For Calculating Thyroid Doses to People Resulting From the Ingestion of Cows’ Milk (699k)
Chapter 7 Methods and Data For Calculating Doses to People Resulting From Exposure Routes to Man Other Than the Ingestion of Fresh Cows’ Milk (287k)
Chapter 8 Estimated Thyroid Doses Resulting from Atmospheric Bomb Tests Conducted at the Nevada Test Site (Part 1: 3,800k/ Part 2: 4,200k)
Chapter 9 Estimation of Doses to Specified Individuals (174k)
Chapter 10 Model Validation and Uncertainty Analysis (116k)
 Glossary (178k)
Appendix 1 Description of the meteorological model used to estimate Iodine-131 depositions per unit area of ground in the absence of environmental radiation data. (231k)
Appendix 2 Structural characteristics of the dose assessment methodology and origin and content of the databases. (2,400k)
Appendix 3 Information on pasture practices: (1,700k)

Part 1: List of experts who have supplied information on local pasture practices.

Part 2: Estimated pasture intakes, averaged over the pasture season, PIA, and for each “week” of the year, PIW, in kg(dry) d-1.

Part 3: Identification of the regions used for the pasture data for the average cow in the states that have been subdivided.

Part 4: Variation of the pasture intake during the year for the average cow and for each pasture region considered.

Appendix 4 Estimates of the volumes of milk (103 L) produced, available for fluid use, and consumed in each county of the contiguous United States in 1954. (729k)
Appendix 5 Information on milk distribution: (3,300k)

Part 1: List of experts who have supplied information on local milk distribution.

Part 2 (also called Table A5.1): Estimated transfer rates of milk, kL y-1, between surplus and deficit regions in the United States during the 1950s. The milk marketing orders, MMO, constituted the main source of information. Milk regions are shown on the maps in Part 3 of this Appendix.

Part 3: Identification of the milk distribution regions for each of the contiguous United States.(624k)

Appendix 6 Metabolism and dosimetry of Iodine-131. (545k)
Appendix 7 Evaluation of the influence of the physico-chemical form of Iodine-131 on the thyroid dose estimates.(287k)
Appendix 8 Initial retention by vegetation of Iodine-131 in wet deposition of fallout. (495k)
Appendix 9 Information on the Main Computer Codes Used in the Dose Assessment(792k)