Attachments for UNSCEAR 2013 REPORT Vol. I

B-1 Particulate air monitoring data (CTBTO) [.xls]
B-2 Animation of atmospheric dispersion of I-131  [.ppt]
B-3 Animation of ground deposition of Cs-137  [.ppt]
C-1 MEXT survey of I-131 ground deposition  [.xls]
C-2 MEXT survey of Cs-134 and Cs-137 ground deposition  [.xls]
C-3  MEXT survey of Ag-110m ground deposition  [.xls]
C-4 MEXT survey of Te-129m ground deposition  [.xls]
C-5   MEXT survey Sr and Pu ground deposition  [.xls]
C-6 MEXT datasets of maps for ground deposition  [.pdf]
C-7 Derived MEXT/NNSA ground deposition by 1km grid  [.xls]
C-8 Report and extract of FAO/IAEA food database  [.pdf]
C-8 Suppl. FAO/IAEA foodstuff database (reduced version)  [.xls]
C-9 ATDM simulation by prefectures  [.xls]
C-10 Maps for ATDM simulation  [.pdf]
C-11 Summary of Member States data  [.pdf]
C-12 Methodology for external inhalation  [.pdf]
C-13 Methodology for ingestion  [.pdf]
C-14 Effective doses in Japan for the first year  [.pdf]
C-15 Compilation of ingestion dose results  [.pdf]
C-16 Thyroid doses in Japan for the first year  [.pdf]
C-17 RBM doses in Japan for the first year  [.pdf]
C-18 Doses to evacuees in Japan for the first year  [.pdf]
C-19 Effective doses in future years  [.pdf]
C-20 Comparison among ATDM MEXT NNSA  [.xls]
C-21 Maps for comparison among ATDM MEXT NNSA  [.pdf]
D-1 Worker doses from short-lived radionuclides  [.pdf]
F-1 Methodology nonhuman biota  [.pdf]
F-2 Terrestrial ecosystem application of methodology  [.pdf]
F-3 Freshwater ecosystem application of methodology  [.pdf]